S. Korean Defense Ministry eases rules on drone photography

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A drone in the sky [Photo by Yonhap]
Drone users in South Korea can now take aerial shots more easily by registering with the Ministry of National Defense as the government eased the permit system.

The defense ministry said on Tuesday that it has changed the aerial shot system regulations so that drone users can apply to take videos after registration through the Drone One-Stop Civil Service. They also need not to register when releasing drones for aerial videos in locations where photography is not clearly prohibited such as open spaces.

Drone shots, however, should not be taken where photography is prohibited such as military facilities. Individuals, businesses and agencies that take aerial shots will be responsible for any legal liabilities.

Regulations related to aerial videos have been in effect for more than 50 years after 1970, according to security conditions as South and North Koreas are still technically at war.

There have been criticisms, however, that the permission system involving aerial photography hampered growth in the drone industry. Aerial photography is essential in drone development and production as well as in drone utilization business.

There have also been an increasing number of complaints from people that enjoy aerial photography using drones amid growing popularity of the device.

The defense ministry said that it improved regulation to resolve these inconveniences and to support sustainable growth of industries under the government’s regulatory innovation plan.

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