[Graphic News] What must happen for South Korea to stay in World Cup?

입력 2022. 12. 2. 08:01
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South Korea will play Portugal for its final match of Group H in the World Cup on Saturday (Korean time), at the same time as Ghana and Uruguay.

Here is a look at what needs to happen for South Korea to reach the next round.

- If two teams have the same number of points, the top team is decided by the following criteria, in order: goal difference, goals scored, head-to-head result, and "fair play" - the teams' disciplinary records. If this does not separate them, the FIFA organizing committee will draw lots to decide who goes through.

- If South Korea loses or draws, it will be eliminated.

- If Ghana wins, South Korea will be eliminated.

- If South Korea wins and Ghana draws, it must either score four times or win by two goals or more. If both South Korea and Uruguay win, Korea will go through unless Uruguay scores three goals or more and wins by a bigger margin than South Korea.

By Nam Kyung-don(don@heraldcorp.com)

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