Director Kang Yun-sung satisfied with 'Big Bet' on first drama series

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Korea Herald correspondent

Director Kang Yun-sung (Walt Disney Co. Asia Pacific)
Choi Min-sik stars as a gambling king in "Big Bet" (Walt Disney Co. Asia Pacific)

SINGAPORE -- From the shooting locations to the cast and presentation of stories, director Kang Yun-sung shared nothing but satisfaction with upcoming Disney+ noir series “Big Bet.”

“Our story takes place in the Philippines, so we spent almost three months shooting the scenes there. We were grateful to film the series in a cheerful atmosphere, surrounded by wonderful crews,” Kang said in a press conference held at Sands Expo & Convention Center in Singapore on Thursday.

“Big Bet” was inspired by a Korean casino owner in the Philippines, according to the director. After meeting people who knew the casino owner, Kang decided to write th story and turn it into a drama series.

“I always wanted to work on a drama series, featuring a long story. And I thought delivering ‘Big Bet’ with two different parts was an appropriate choice for the viewers to enjoy the series,” Kang said.

The director behind hit noir, action projects -- “The Outlaws” (2017), “Long Live the King” (2019) and this year's “The Roundup” -- said he wished to present a convincing story, one that would make the audience feel the world presented on the screen really exists.

“Big Bet,” widely known here by its Korean title “Casino,” follows the tale of Cha Moo-sik (Choi Min-sik), who becomes a gambling king. After losing everything he earned, Moo-sik becomes caught up in a murder case. Attempting to escape from his misfortune, the casino mogul makes a “big bet” by risking his life.

"Big Bet" is one of Disney’s most anticipated series of the year, featuring top actor Choi Min-sik’s first performance in a drama series in 25 years. He last starred in hit MBC drama series “Love and Farewell” (1997-1998), and since then has only worked on big screen projects, including “Oldboy” (2003), “Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time” (2012) and “Roaring Currents” (2014).

“Big Bet” is scheduled to premiere on Dec. 21. The release date for the second season has yet to be announced.

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