Lee Min-Ho X Gong Hyo-Jin unveiled 'Ask the Stars' still was displayed...Space Loco expectation UP

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Lee Min-Ho X Gong Hyo-Jin Meeting Rocko King and Queen
Lee Min-Ho X Gong Hyo-Jin loco encounter between King and Queen 
'Pasta' Seo Sook-Hyang X 'It's Okay to Not Be Okay' Director Park Shinwoo, 'Don't Dare to Dream' glad reunion 

[MHNSports Saeli Jin reporter] The actor Lee Min-Ho and Gong Hyo-Jin, the main drama, 'Ask the Stars', unveiled the character steel.  

For the first time in domestic Space Station as the background genuine 'Space Romantic Comedy', drama 'Ask the Stars'(Written by Seo Sook-Hyang, directed by Park Shin-Woo) the still character of the main character Lee Min-Ho, Gong Hyo-Jin were released. 

'Loco King' and 'Loco Queen' as Lee Min-Ho, and Gong Hyo-Jin just for casting as A-list casting early became the subject matter, it drew attention just by never having attempted set-up, space background for a romantic comedy.

Lee Minho from the play paid an astronomical amount of money, which was qualified as a tourist in space. Furthermore, the role of an obstetrician of dinosaurs, Gong Hyo-Jin, who doesn't tolerate even a tiny mistake as a perfectionist as the best astronaut captain Eve Kim, will uncover the unique loveliness.

Furthermore, it was armed with the robust acting ability of Oh Jung-Se, Han Ji-Eun, Kim Ju-Hun, and Lee El joined together 'Ask the Stars' will be more and more lavish. It has been rumoured that the castmates of 'Ask the Stars' from space with a state of non-gravitation, were expressed realistically every day as a high level of difficulty with a wire action.
From the still, that was uncovered for the first time Lee Min-Ho, and Gong Hyo-Jin two people will show chemistry that derived extreme attention. The dinosaur (Lee Min-Ho) and disabused dinosaur headset Eve Kim(Gong Hyo-Jin) defined a simple scenery but the look and expression toward each other increased excitement. 

On the other hand, the bible of the romantic comedy, 'Ask the Stars', depicted emotional lines. 'Pasta' 'Don't Dare to Dream', written by loco Seo Sook-Hyang,  'Lovestruck in the city' 'It's Okay to Not Be Okay' 'Don't Dare To Dream', displaying directing ability and sensible visual beauty from the director 'Park Shin Woo', 'Hyena' 'The School Nurse Files' Inspector', were the Korean representative drama produced by KAIST. 

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