BLACKPINK, North American Successful performance→Keep going on a world tour in Europe 

진세리 2022. 11. 26. 16:16
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BLACKPINK, America 7 cities 14th Performance...200,000 viewers 'Passionate' 
Europe World Tour→Opening the door on next 30th England London 

[MHNSports Saeli Jin reporter] The group BLACKPINK successfully finished the North American Performance. 

Last 19th, 20th(Local time) BLACKPINK in America LA 'BLACKPINK World Tour [Born Pink] Lost Angeles(BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] LOS ANGELES)' was opened.  

Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Hamilton, Chicago, and Newark continuing North American last performance(2nd) nearly 47,000 can be accepted through the large scale in the outdoor theatre in the Bank of California Stadium and met the fans. 

Last 19th, from the solo cover of Ji-Soo 'Liar', the original artist came out as the surprise guest 'Camila Cabello' who danced on the joint stage. Besides, Selena Gomez, Usher, Olivia Isabel Rodrigo, and Gracie Madigan Abrams, who were worldwide artists, including the universal music group of the representative label Interscope staff participated. 

BLACKPINK thought back from the last North America tour and shared profound emotion with their fans. Members "This North America Tour was the first stadium performance. Thanks to BLACKPINK who brightened tonight. Thanks to making memory kept for a long time", and "Wish tonight will not end", and promised the next meeting in the future. 

On the other hand, North American cities recorded the 14th performance of the tickets were all sold out, and BLACKPINK met a total of 200,000 audiences who will move to Europe. 

Next 30th·1st England London, next 5th Spain Barcelona, next 8th Germany, Koelnmesse, next 11th·12th France Paris, next 15th Denmark Copenhagen, next 19th·20th Germany Berlin, next 22nd Netherland Amsterdam will be a rosy outlook. 



[Photo by YG Entertainment] 

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