[Temple to Table] Giving your body wholesome energy: Bamboo shoots

2022. 8. 20. 16:01
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Assorted jangajji packed into bamboo shoots (Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism)

When the Ven. Jeong Kwan served Master Hyanggok at the temple Myogwaneumsa in Gijang, northern Busan, he loved to have bamboo shoot kalguksu, a noodle soup.

In the surrounding South Gyeongsang Province, bamboo is not as common as in the North and South Jeolla provinces, making bamboo shoots a rare commodity. The Ven. Jeong Kwan shares her fond memories, saying, “Master Hyanggok had a strong build and enjoyed eating. He even taught me how to cook bamboo shoots.”

Eaten at the beginning of summer, bamboo shoots slow down the aging process, prevent constipation and hypertension and assist in detoxifying the body.

Assorted jangajji packed into bamboo shoots


- 1 whole bamboo shoot, cooked 20 minutes

- 5 pieces each of assorted jangajji

- green plum

- red plum dyed with purple perilla leaves

- Hijikia fusiforme

- common betony

- Jerusalem artichokes

- tree of heaven leaves

- glasswort


1. Cut well‒cooked bamboo shoot in half lengthwise.

2. Fill each compartment with assorted jangajji, or pickled vegetables, to create good color combinations.

3. Cut into bite-size pieces and serve.

Bamboo shoot with bean paste dip (Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism)

Bamboo shoot with bean paste dip


- 1 whole bamboo shoot

- 2 tbsp doenjang


1. Boil water in a big pot and add 1 tbsp doenjang.

2. Put in the whole bamboo shoot and boil about 20 minutes.

3. Take out the cooked bamboo shoot, peel the tough outer skin, and cut in half with a knife.

4. Tear the white inner flesh of the bamboo shoot by hand.

5. Serve with remaining doenjang as a dip.

Provided by Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism


Temple food is the food of ascetics. They express gratitude for all forms of life and wish peace for the whole world. The Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism operates the Korean Temple Food Center, where guests can learn and experience temple food. -- Ed.

By Korea Herald(khnews@heraldcorp.com)

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