Former President Moon Jae-in, "We Need President Kim Dae-jung's Spirit and Values More Now Than Ever Before"

Park Kwang-yeon 입력 2022. 8. 18. 17:05
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Captured from former President Moon Jae-in’s social media account

On August 18, the thirteenth anniversary of former President Kim Dae-jung’s death, former President Moon Jae-in said, “We have failed to advance on the path to democracy, stable livelihoods for the people, peace and integration--a path that President Kim Dae-jung laid.”

Former President Moon wrote a post on social media this day and also wrote, “We need the spirit and values of President Kim Dae-jung now more than ever before.”

Moon described former President Kim as a global leader who firmly braved his way through the path to democracy, human rights, peace and harmony amidst harsh adversities and revered him as a state leader who successfully overcame the Asian financial crisis siding with the common people and the vulnerable.

Former President Moon likened former President Kim to a golden-and-silver honeysuckle, known to survive the bitter winter, and recalling the determination of former President Kim said, “I am certain that history ultimately moves forward even in the face of hardships.” He further said, “I hope today, the thirteenth anniversary of the death of President Kim Dae-jung, will be a day that we, the next generation, can reflect to see if we are properly succeeding his spirit and values.”

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