"Drive in State Administration Missing after Drop in Approval Ratings" Na Kyung-won on the Yoon Suk-yeol Government's Report Card on Its 100th Day in Office

Park Eun-kyung 입력 2022. 8. 17. 17:13
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Former lawmaker Na Kyung-won. National Assembly press photographers

Na Kyung-won, former People Power Party lawmaker spoke on the report card of the Yoon Suk-yeol government on its 100th day in office on August 17 and said, “After the approval ratings dropped this far in the polls, it seems like they lost the drive for state administration.”

This morning, Na appeared on the CBS radio show, Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show and said, “The public approval ratings in polls tell us a lot. It is quite unfortunate.”

As for the president’s meetings with the press on his way to work, she said, “Before, he spoke too frankly,” and assessed, “It’s the president’s style, but I think it has become slightly more refined.”

At the same time, she said, “Say what you will, but how he is seen by the people is the most important, but the frequency of the doorstepping and the angle from which it was presented felt uncomfortable.”

Na also spoke about Joo Ho-young, chair of the People Power Party’s emergency committee, finalizing the members of the emergency response committee, which included Joo Ki-hwan, a professor at Honam University, the previous day. She said, “Our party’s constitution and regulations were revised and what used to be a group leadership system has now changed to a leadership system under a single leader,” and added, “Since the operation of the party is centered on the emergency committee chair, the committee members are actually not as important as they used to be.”

She further said, “If more authority is given to the Supreme Council meeting, I think we can coordinate the ‘center of gravity’ between the party and the Office of the President.” She also suggested the need to restructure the party saying, “Since everything is concentrated on the single party leader, this weakens the authority of the Supreme Council, and when the leader shakes, it seems to weaken the strength of the entire party.”

As for former party leader Lee Jun-seok, Na said, “He seemed to have lost a lot of points in the press conference a few days ago,” and added, “Now is the time for Lee to step back and wait. I think we can infer a lot of things just by the fact that his close aide wrote a memorandum promising to invest 700 million won.”

She also mentioned Lee’s attempt to get a court injunction to suspend the validity of the party’s transition to an emergency committee system led by Joo Ho-young and said, “It’s not likely to be accepted.”

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