Yoon stresses on zero-tolerance policy on workplace illegality

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[Photo by Lee Seung-hwan]
South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol said Wednesday he will not tolerate any illegality at the workplace, whether from labor union or management, as he vowed to seek a solution to resolving the labor market imbalance.

Yoon, speaking at a press conference to mark his first 100 days in office, said he will “adhere to the principle of supporting legitimate labor movement and dialogues” but continue with his efforts to “root out unlawful practices at workplaces.”

He vowed to promote an advanced management-labor relationship through autonomous talks and negotiations within the boundaries of law and order, which he believes would help resolve the labor market issues such as income inequality.

Commenting on his record-low job approval rating, Yoon said he will “humbly examine the public sentiment rather than fixate on the number itself.”

“People’s safety is the unlimited responsibility of the country,” Yoon said as he promised to do his utmost to help those suffering from recent floods to quickly return back to normal. Yoon was also pressed by the media on housing shortages and other economic issues.

Regarding his administration's "audacious initiative" for North Korean denuclearization unveiled during his Liberation Day speech earlier this week, Yoon acknowledged the need for dialogue but also repeated his calls for Pyongyang to end its nuclear ambition in exchange for economic aids.

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