SK materials, Showa Denko seek joint entry into US semiconductor gas market

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[Source: SK materials]
South Korea¡¯s SK materials and Japan¡¯s Showa Denko on Wednesday concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on cooperation in the potential production of high-purity gases used in semiconductor production processes in North America.

Showa Denko, which holds fluorine-based special gas technology, has the top share of the etching gas market, with a global sales network spanning Asia, North America, Europe and China. SK Materials is the global leader in the field of special gases used in semiconductor cleaning and deposition processes.

Under the MOU, the two are expected to seek joint entry into the U.S. special gas market and explore new business opportunities for a joint command in global supply chain. The U.S. government has launched measures to strengthen the domestic semiconductor industry and invite a supply chain of semiconductors into the country amid growing market uncertainties due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

The MOU may also suggest revival of business cooperation between the two neighboring countries after Japan imposed tighter export curbs against Korea in retaliation over the issue of compensating Korean forced labor victims.

In 2017, Showa Denko and SK materials established a joint venture named SK Showa Denko to produce CH3F, used mainly as etching gas for 3D NAND chip production. The two are building a new plant to produce HBr in Korea, and the new plant is expected to be completed next month.

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