'Super Band' season 2 winner CraXilver debuts with 'Make A Dash'

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Band CraXilver poses for photos during a press showcase event held in Seoul, Tuesday. (Oui Entertainment)

Rock band CraXilver, the winner of the second season of JTBC‘s band audition program, “Super Band,” made its official debut on Tuesday evening with the release of its first EP, “Make A Dash.”

The five-piece band composed of guitarist Willy.K, drummer Danny Lee, vocalist Vincent, bass guitarist Cyan and keyboardist Oh Eun-chul held a press event in Seoul, ahead of the EP’s online release at 6 p.m. the same day.

“We would like to be the only band of our kind. We hope to ‘make a dash’ with our music and the album,” Oh said during the showcase event when asked about the band‘s ultimate ambition.

The band was initially formed under the name Crack Shot and began its musical journey in the local indie music scene in 2013. As it participated in the audition program last year and with Oh joining as a new member, the act changed its name to CraXilver, signaling a brand new start.

Just as the words “Make A Dash” imply, the band sings about its wish to move forward with the new album. All five members participated in the five-track EP, from lyric writing to composition and arrangement. Willy.K and Oh produced the album.

Leading the EP is the song “Dash,” featuring powerful drum beats and heavy guitar riffs. The song shows the group’s vision to move faster and stronger like a “racing machine,” according to the band‘s description. There are four other tracks, titled “Tell Me Mirror,” “Miracle,” “Doll” and “Overdrive.”

As much as rock music fans are excited to see the new band debut, CraXilver is also setting an eye on meaningful achievement in the local music scene.

“Since winning ’Super Band,‘ we hope other local bands and musicians get opportunities to get exposure for their music. We’re hoping to pave the way for them, and we promise to continue our efforts,” the band‘s leader Willy.K said.

In the meantime, Cyan shared his desire to earn a nomination in the best metal album category at the Korean Music Awards with the latest EP. Vincent also hoped to be known as the “nation’s band” for the their great performances and music.

By Jie Ye-eun(yeeun@heraldcorp.com)

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