IDCamp 2022 is officially open for registration

Jakarta Post 2022. 5. 30. 14:15
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Seen on the picture, President Director and CEO Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, Vikram Sinha (left), Director & Chief Regulatory Officer, M. Buldansyah (right), dan Director of Telecommunication Directorate General of Posts and Informatics Operations Ministry of Communication and Informatics RI, Aju Widya Sari (center) while taking a group photo in the IDCamp 2022 Launching in Jakarta (5/27). (./.)
Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison has launched IDCamp 2022, an initiative to prepare Indonesians to foster talent and support the increasing digitalization of a nation. This year, IDCamp is giving out online coding scholarships to 55 participants, after successfully attracting 46,025 online coding scholarship participants last year and benefiting more than 110,000 people since its establishment in 2019. “In the national economic recovery, the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry seeks to increase Indonesia's digital talent through various programs. I really appreciate Indosat's steps in creating quality digital talent through the IDCamp program, since 2019. I congratulate you on the graduation of IDCamp 2021 participants and the inauguration of the IDCamp 2022 event. We hope that this activity will not only bring out quality digital talent, but also create new unicorns that will benefit Indonesia's economic growth,” said Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno. Some changes has been made for this year’s IDCamp, as the program has no age limitation and it has introduced more coding classes, virtual roadshows and other events to target campuses and virtual developer community events. Moreover, a bootcamp for the disabled community has also been reintroduced to advance the program's inclusivity.

This year’s participants have the opportunity to earn certification with five levels of expertise ranging from basic, beginner and intermediate, to expert and professional, in eight programming specialties; Android Developer, iOS Developer, Web Developer, Machine Learning Developer, Multi-Platform Apps Developer, Front End Web Developer, Back End Developer, UI/UX Designer, Data Analytic and Data Scientist.

"With the spirit to connect and empower every Indonesian, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison sees IDCamp as a means to equip future digital talent. One of our flagship CSR programs in the pillar of Digital Education, also aims to tackle the shortage of globally certified digital talent in the country. We hope to bring the power of inclusive technology and provide a broader set of digital skills necessary for the bright future leaders who will contribute to the nation’s digital economy,” explained president director and CEO of Indosat Ooredoo Huthison Vikram Sinha.

In the first three years of its inception, IDCamp has helped 110,735 people, with almost 30,000 certified developers through the program. A total of 1,538 are developers with disabilities, 22.1 percent are female developers, 28 percent of participants are from outside Java, and 81 percent of participants are aged between 18 and 25 years old. Registration for IDCamp is now open. Participants for basic and beginner levels will start training until August 2022, intermediate levels will train from September to December, and expert and professional levels will be enrolled from November to February of next year. IDCamp 2022 will also organize virtual roadshows on campuses, virtual meetups for 2022 developers, a series of developer challenges, a bootcamp for disabilities and training for teachers. For more information, please contact or check social media. For further inquiries, email

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