Siita, dubbed 'the Apple of cosmetics,' aims to lead sustainable cosmetics with plastics decomposition tech

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Siita CEO Moon Kyung-won (Siita)

South Korean skincare brand Siita said it has developed a new technology to speed up plastic decomposition, becoming the only zero-waste enterprise globally to treat its own plastic waste.

Siita’s technology, unveiled in September, accelerates the decomposition process of plastic from 500 years to just 3 months, according to the skincare company.

Celebrities such as Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner and K-pop singer CL voiced their support for the skincare company’s sustainable and eco-friendly operation strategy. Foreign media including Bloomberg and IBT have also reported on the new technology, stating that it has “changed the paradigm for solving environmental problems.” Vogue Korea even referred the company as “the Apple of cosmetics.” 

Meanwhile, the company’s self-developed plastic decomposition technology has garnered interest overseas, with 90 percent of its sales coming from foreign markets, according to officials citing internal data.

The cosmetics brand said it has decided to release the use of technology for free as part of its mission to “keep Earth alive.”

“Our goal is to make sure that not only our own goods, but all consumer goods in the world do not remain in the next generation,” said a Siita official.

By Lee Seung-ku (

By Lee Seung-ku(

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