Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials Showcases Innovative Products and Technologies at CES 2022 Under the Theme of New Normal to Smart Mobility

2022. 1. 14. 11:07
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Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials, a global leader of electro-materials and a business group of Doosan (KRX: 000150), showcased products and technologies to make consumers’ lives happy and convenient under the theme of New Normal to Smart Mobility at CES 2022.

In CES 2022, Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Doosan Fuel Cell, Doosan Industrial Vehicle, Doosan Robotics, and Doosan Mobility Innovation participated. Doosan opened a booth at West Hall this year for its affiliates in the fields of mobility, such as automobile and autonomous driving.

Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials participated in CES for the first time this year. Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials targeted the global market by introducing its new business items as the future income source. It showcased innovative technologies and products to create a better future including not only PFC (patterned flat cable), a next-generation cable for electric vehicle batteries and electronic devices, which won the CES Innovation Awards 2022, but also fuel cell electrode, 5G antenna module, flexible high-frequency cable module for smartphones, and MEMS timing. It introduced its products, solutions, and applications for smart mobility using a large touch screen and displaying the products.

PFC, which overcame the limited lengths of flexible printed circuit boards while innovatively reducing the weight and volume of the existing wiring harness applied to automobiles, won particularly favorable responses from customers and spectators in the event. Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials also opened a private showroom at a hotel in Las Vegas and introduced its strategies for products and technologies by holding meetings with the 5G and automobile electrical and electronic system-related companies.

“The booth had been designed to show the technologies that would make people’s lives convenient and happy,” Changkyu Kim, Director of Marketing at Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials said. “Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials will continue providing satisfactory products and solutions to automobile, smartphone, 5G communications, and wearable device users with future technologies to be developed.”

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