Tripolygon Signs a Partnership With Unity

2021. 10. 27. 16:47
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Tripolygon, Inc. (CEO Hwang Jaesik) announced that it is now a Unity Verified Solutions Partner. Being a Verified Solutions Partner means that its product UModeler has been verified by Unity that its SDK is optimized for the latest version of the Unity editor, providing a seamless experience for Unity developers.

Verified Solutions Partners represent a group of companies that represent an ecosystem of 3rd-party SDKs, plug-ins, editor applications, and more. These companies partner with Unity to drive technical alignment and verify compliance with the latest Unity releases on an ongoing basis.

UModeler is a real-time 3D model production plug-in launched in the Unity Asset Store in March 2017. It is a 3D modeling and prototyping editor plug-in for Unity to facilitate production methods for game level and 3D model production that had been difficult and inconvenient with the existing products.

Since UModeler’s launch on the Unity Asset Store in March 2017, UModeler has received positive reviews from nearly 95% of its users as a result of its continuous software updates (as of October 19, 2021, 150 out of 172 reviews consist of 5 stars and 11 are 4 stars). Sales in the first half of 2021 more than tripled compared to the same period in 2020, and in June of last year, UModeler was able to claim the top popularity ranking among 70,000 assets. In addition, it won second place in the Best Development Tool category at the 2018 Unity Awards.

Tripolygon is not only limited to UModeler but is also developing UMX, a next-generation 3D modeling engine that can process more than 1 million high-polygon modelings in a real-time 3D rendering environment and graft advanced modeling technologies such as Modifier and Subdivision using Pixar's OpenSubdiv technology. In addition, various tools necessary for real-time 3D content production, such as UV editing, sculpting, 3D painting, and rigging, will be developed in the UMX engine.

In a world where the metaverse continues to evolve, anyone can create their own digital virtual space and avatar to enjoy games, and as users become content creators, rather than being passive consumers, they will be able to easily create their items even with the lack of technical skills.

To this end, Tripolygon plans to provide a production pipeline optimized for major digital platforms and support not only the Unity editor but also various user environments such as desktop, web, and tablet. By developing UModeler X, the company will provide the users with the most suitable option for their metaverse platform.

"Our goal is to develop a 3D modeling service that is essential in the upcoming metaverse era, and Unity is the platform that is powering the metaverse. This Verified Solutions Partnership with Unity will be an important driving force by which to achieve these goals,” said CEO Hwang.

Company Introduction

Tripolygon is a company that makes the leading 3D modeling service in the metaverse era. As a Unity plug-in for game development, prototyping and 3D modeling, UModeler is used by developers in 136 countries and is overwhelmingly supported by nearly 95% of users. UModeler X, which is currently under development, is a 3D modeling service for platform users and is intended to support the Unity editor. In addition, it supports various user environments such as desktop, web, and VR, and is expected to provide a customized 3D asset production pipeline, so that anyone can easily and efficiently produce 3D content for the metaverse. The major investors of Tripolygon include Primer and Strong Ventures.

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