Lee Un-ju, "Yoon Seok-youl's Slip of the Tongue--Once or Twice May Be a Mistake, But If Repeated, It's a Matter of Values"

Yu Sul-hee 입력 2021. 10. 25. 17:32
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Lee Un-ju, co-chair of lawmaker Hong Joon-pyo’s election campaign. Kweon Ho-wook, Senior Reporter

Lee Un-ju, the co-chair of lawmaker Hong Joon-pyo’s primary election campaign referred to People Power Party primary candidate Yoon Seok-youl and said, “A slip of the tongue once or twice can be accepted as a mistake, but (if repeated) I think it is a matter of values.”

Lee made the comment when she appeared on the MBC radio show, Kim Jong-bae’s Focus on the morning of October 25.

The previous day, Hong’s camp released 25 slips of the tongue and reckless comments that Yoon made. Lee said, “I think the most serious problem is his lack of compassion for the common people and the people’s livelihoods,” and added, “From the perspective of women and mothers, his comment on ‘junk food,’ I think that was outrageous.”

Lee also said, “Since we only listed the comments that Yoon had made in the past, if you look at it, Yoon Seok-youl’s enemy is Yoon Seok-youl.” She argued, “In fact, these comments, it they were made once or twice, they could be seen as a mistake, but (if they continue) I think it’s a problem of values.”

She further said, “A candidate should contemplate one’s values, world views, understanding of history and so on and be somewhat firmly centered before running for president, and I wonder if he is not yet prepared in these aspects,” and added, “If he wins, we will find ourselves in confusion without any standards each time we have to make decisions of any kind. It is bound to create extreme confusion in state administration.”

When asked if Yoon’s slips of the tongue, which continued even though it has been nearly five months since he declared his bid for the presidency last June, should be seen as his lack of ability, Lee said, “Since things are different from the dictatorships 40-50 years ago, hiring experts to make up for his lack of capabilities has its limits.”

As for Yoon posting a picture of a person giving an apple to his dog on Instagram, Lee said, “Anyone would have realized that it could stir public controversy when taking that picture,” and added, “But he claims he didn’t know. That is an extreme lack of empathy.”

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