Italy Angels Returned

2021. 10. 19. 22:54
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Two marble statues of angels are seen in this undated image. A British art collector who bought a pair of 17th century marble angels from a Neapolitan antiques shop two decades ago and had them at his French home has returned the “putti” to Italy’s art police after learning that they had been stolen from a church. In a statement released Tuesday Oct. 19, 2021 Italy’s carabinieri art police said the unnamed collector had tried to resell the angels at an antiques shop in Avignon, France ahead of his planned move from France to Portugal when French art police identified them as possible stolen goods. (Carabinieri for the Protection of Cultural Heritage via AP) AP PROVIDES ACCESS TO THIS THIRD PARTY PHOTO SOLELY TO ILLUSTRATE NEWS REPORTING OR COMMENTARY ON FACTS DEPICTED IN IMAGE; MUST BE USED WITHIN 14 DAYS FROM TRANSMISSION; NO ARCHIVING; NO LICENSING; MANDATORY CREDIT

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