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Harvests in the Chablis vineyard after the winter frost crisis

epaselect epa09490871 A straddle tractor harvests a vineyard at sunrise in Chablis, France, 24 September 2021 (issued 27 September 2021). According to the French Agriculture Ministry, France is expecting a historically low production in the wine season 2021 due to the freezing weather episode which affected the vineyards in spring. The effects of global warming are being felt in the Burgundy region by bringing the buds to bloom earlier in the season, thus making them vulnerable to night frosts like the one in April. Heating candles have saved part of the vines, but this process is expensive and not considered a long-term solution. The winegrowers are looking into other solutions such as an evolution in the type of grape variety or a change of the highly restrictive cultivation rules for the 'Grands Crus Classes'. EPA/CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON

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