Bird fab studio Co., Ltd., Specializing in Japanese Fabric, Has Started Overseas Development of the KIZIARAI B2B Matching Platform It Runs

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KYOTO, Japan -- Businesswire -- Bird fab studio Co., Ltd. (Kyoto, Japan) has launched KIZIARAI, a matching platform for Japanese fabric companies that allows users to procure the cheapest fabrics and request samples for free.

What is KIZIARAI? KIZIARAI is a textile-focused platform for Japanese fabric businesses. It is the cheapest fabric matching platform available. Users can request fabric samples free of charge, and search for fabrics via text or photograph.

Six Matters that KIZIARAI can make an arrangement

Free swatch request Selection of fabrics judging from blogs related with textile Purchase of waste fabrics OMOTENASHI function Find easily what you are looking for with the OMOTENASHI function that allows you to search for things from texts and photos. Uncertain search to find what you want for no reason and particular search that professional convinced. Settlement by PAYPAL Six Merits

Reducing Time and Costs Drastically Not only you can reduce the time that spent searching for fabrics and transportation costs, but you can also conduct online non-face-to-face negotiations using the supplier's showroom. Matching with New Japanese Suppliers From the supplier list, since you can search for suppliers based on detailed conditions such as specialty fields, production areas, in-stock products and possible deal with small lots, you can match with suppliers you have never met. OMOTENASHI Function Easily search with the OMOTENASHI function that allows you to search for things from text and photos Setting Up Business Custom to Select Freely How to Settle No Charge on Commodity Handling or Intermediate Margin To Decarbonized Society Since generated carbon dioxide when incinerating waste fabric, people, commodities and physical movement can be reduced, it will contribute to a decarbonized society. System Usage Fee

All buyers Free up to 200 swatch requests and twice a month for OMOTENASHI Function. (Safe setting that is automatically controlled by the limit function.)

Company Profile

Company name: Bird fab studio Co., Ltd. Representative: Hideyuki Ueba Location: Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture Established on: May 11, 2021 Business description: Textile platform administration

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