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Harvest in Chablis Vineyard

epa09483737 A grape picker empties her basket at the 'Samuel Billaud' vineyard in Chablis, France, 23 September 2021. Chablis winemakers suffered an episode of frost which severely affected the cultivation of grapes in early April. The effects of global warming are now being felt in the Burgundy vineyards by allowing the buds to bloom earlier in the season and making them vulnerable to night frosts in April or May. Heating candle solutions have saved part of the vines, but this process, which is very expensive per hectare, is not a long-term solution. The winegrowers are thinking about other solutions, such as an evolution in the type of grape variety or a change in the very restrictive cultivation rules in the 'Grands Crus Classés'. EPA/CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON

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