Person in 30s dies 13 days after receiving Pfizer vaccine

한겨레 입력 2021. 9. 14. 17:46
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Health authorities are opening an investigation into a possible causal connection between the death and the vaccine

The death of a 30-something Gwangju resident with no underlying medical conditions 13 days after receiving a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has prompted health authorities to investigate a possible causal connection.

According to accounts Monday from the city of Gwangju and other sources, a person in their mid-30s who had complained of an adverse reaction after receiving the vaccine died the previous afternoon while undergoing treatment at a university hospital.

After receiving their first Pfizer vaccine dose on Aug. 30, the person had experienced symptoms including chest pain, a feeling of constriction, and difficulty breathing.

They underwent clinical testing the following day at a nearby general hospital. But no irregularities were found, and they returned home after being prescribed medicine.

The person, who had not previously suffered from any medical conditions, returned to the hospital and was admitted after their symptoms failed to improve.

While undergoing treatment, the patient went into a coma. With their condition worsening, they were moved to the intensive care unit of a Gwangju-area university hospital on Sept. 7.

Despite being treated with a respirator and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), the patient passed away on Sunday, 13 days after being vaccinated.

The patient’s family requested that the police have an autopsy performed to determine the cause of death. Health officials are currently looking into a possible causal connection between the patient’s death and the Pfizer vaccine.

By Jung Dae-ha, Gwangju correspondent

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