Greenwood Consulting and Riversand Sign Agreement to Deliver Cloud-native MDM and PIM Solutions in Australia and New Zealand

2021. 1. 27. 18:07
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HOUSTON & AUCKLAND, New Zealand -- Businesswire -- Recognising the growing need for effective and efficient product and master data management for omni-channel retailers, Greenwood Consulting and Riversand have inked a fresh partnership covering the fast-growing ANZ region.

Greenwood Consulting are ANZ based eCommerce, omni-channel and retail technology consulting specialists. Riversand is a fully featured, SaaS based PIM (Product Information Management) and MDM (Master Data Management) platform vendor.

Greenwood Consulting chose to partner with Riversand due to the depth and breadth of capabilities found in its platform, including:

· Full data version control and rollback capabilities · Complete end-to-end data collection, storage, organisation, workflow, and publication/syndication management · Granular, permission-based supplier platform access for easier vendor product data uploading and updating

Greenwood Consulting recommends best of breed SaaS solutions across the entire omni-commerce technology stack and is proud to represent and support the Riversand platform in the ANZ region.

Riversand partners with specialist omni-channel professionals and consultants to ensure proper product/merchant fit and recognises the unique experience and capability that Greenwood Consulting brings to the table for Riversand’s prospects and customers.

Both parties plan to rapidly grow the Riversand presence in the ANZ region for the benefit of the local merchant community looking to implement an advanced, cost effective, SaaS based PIM/MDM solution in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

About Riversand

Riversand’s cloud-native master data management solutions are designed to support customers’ digital transformation journeys through improved business agility, faster adoption and improved collaboration across the enterprise. Driving data to experiences, Riversand has a vision of helping companies know their customers better, move products faster, automate processes, mitigate risk and run their businesses smarter. Visit Riversand for more information and follow us @RiversandMDM on Twitter and Riversand on LinkedIn.

About Greenwood Consulting

Greenwood Consulting is an ANZ based eCommerce and Digital Retail consultancy. Greenwood Consulting supports both ambitious startups and established businesses to seize the opportunity to re-imagine themselves from the ground up for the digital age.

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