MOIDA Enters the Global Market by Partnering with Eco-friendly Cosmetics Brand MELLISSOM

2021. 1. 20. 15:07
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MOIDA announced to commence supply to the global cosmetics market by partnering with MELLISSOM, an eco-friendly cosmetics brand.

MELLISSOM is a brand for eco-friendly cosmetic products that are safe to use on sensitive skin. It is aimed at delivering special skincare products for women who love themselves and understand the meaning of true beauty. Under the slogan, “the sweet gift for me,” MELLISSOM creates products full of love for its customers. MELLISSOM’s mask pack product made using a vegan-certified fabric, in particular, sends out a message to protect the earth.

Focusing on communication with customers as a core factor for its growth, MELLISSOM actively reflects customers’ demands and suggestions as well as environmental protection methods in the products.

MELLISSOM will continue launching products that are safe for use on troubled skin and can contribute to protecting nature. It will hold events in celebration of the opening of its official website and new product launch.

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