Samsung's SmartTag technology threatens to outpace Apple innovation

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SmartTag (Samsung Electronics)

Bid adieu to panicky moments of lost keys or pets. Samsung Electronics‘s SmartTag technology, enabling users to locate what’s precious and dear to them, began generating buzz around the tech sphere Friday, a day after the Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event.

The SmartTag is a corporeal electronic tag that can be attached to a leash or a key chain. Powered by Samsung Electronics’ SmartThings Find technology, Galaxy users can conveniently track tagged objects.

Samsung suggests putting the SmartTag on wallets, luggage, bags, bicycles, keys and, most importantly, furry four-legged companions.

SmartThings Find as of October 2020 already had the capability to hinge each ear bud to the app, so that a missing ear bud could be found immediately.

In an extension to the offering, users can now track the SmartTag via GPS or locate the SmartTag by sound. The remote tracking service will allow users to trace the object to the nearest block or building, according to the South Korean tech giant.

For the precise location of the lost item, there is the SmartTag Plus, built with ultrawideband technology. The advanced wireless communication system inside the device makes it smarter, and gives it a directional capability, according to Samsung.

The SmartTag Plus has an augmented reality finder, which allows the user to see through a camera to pinpoint the location.

The coin-sized battery for the SmartTag lasts for about a month.

SmartTags will be available globally from Jan. 29 at $29.99. A pack of two SmartTags will cost $49.99 and a pack of four SmartTags $84.99

SmartTags Pro will launch later in the year at a proposed price of $39.99 apiece or $64.99 for two.

Apple, Samsung Electronics‘ biggest global competitor in the realm of handheld devices, has the well-established Find My iPhone technology to locate devices via Apple ID. With an Apple smartwatch, users can ping their synchronized iPhone.

Apple has yet to launch an additional tracker tool for objects other than Apple goods.

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