Market Kurly wins packaging award for cooling cardboard box

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(Market Kurly)

Grocery delivery firm Market Kurly has won an award for its insulation packaging from the World Packaging Organization, the company said on Friday.

The WorldStar Global Packaging Award was given to 194 recipients this year, including Market Kurly, which won the prize in the transit category for its eco-friendly insulated corrugated box.

The recyclable, corrugated packaging mimics the insulation effect of a cooler with a pad attached to the insides of the box, allowing a layer of air to form between them, keeping food items cool and fresh.

Some 40,000 tests were conducted to ensure the packaging can maintain a temperature of minus 18 degrees Celsius for over 14 hours, the company said.

The box also scored points on the environment front as it is reusable, especially at a time when a growing number of food deliveries has led to an increase in the use of expanded polystyrene boxes.

The grocery delivery firm kicked off its environment-friendly “All Paper Challenge” in September 2019 to make all of its packaging recyclable.

The company said the move to use eco-friendly boxes, ice packs, packaging and tape has resulted in a reduction of 4,831 metric tons of plastic in a year.

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