[Photo] Seoul smothered in ultrafine dust as soon as cold wave dissipates

한겨레 입력 2021. 1. 13. 18:26
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The Han River melts under a hazy sky filled with ultrafine particles on Jan. 13. (photos by Baek So-ah)

Seoul was blanketed in ultrafine particles as soon as its recent cold wave dissipated. After dropping to below freezing over the weekend, temperatures on Jan. 13 rose to as high as 8 degrees Celsius. Sunlight melted the frozen Han River, creating ice fragments in its currents. With the warmth, however, came the ultrafine dust and yellow dust blowing over from China and the Gobi Desert, which Arctic cold fronts normally help stave off. The Korea Meteorological Association (KMA) forecasted that the city’s air quality will remain at “very poor” until at least tomorrow, adding that cold winds will return over the weekend to alleviate some of the pollution.

A view of Seoul and the Han River from the 63 Square skyscraper on Jan. 13
A thick cloud of ultrafine dust settles on Seoul on Jan. 13.

By Baek So-ah, staff photographer

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