S. Korea reports 537 COVID-19 cases on Jan. 12, up from 400s the previous day

한겨레 2021. 1. 12. 17:56
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A temporary screening center in front of Seoul Station has a relatively relaxed day on Jan. 12. (Yonhap News)

South Korea reported 537 new cases of COVID-19 on Jan. 12. The daily caseload stayed in the 600s from Jan. 8 to 10 before falling to the 400s on Jan. 11.

According to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA), 508 of the cases were domestic transmissions while the remaining 29 came from abroad. The country’s cumulative total is now 69,651. During a briefing on Jan. 11, KDCA Commissioner Jung Eun-kyeong predicted that the daily caseload will fall within the 600-700 range throughout the week.

Among the 508 domestic infections, 346 occurred within the Seoul Capital Area: 163 in Seoul, 163 in Gyeonggi Province, and 20 in Incheon. Among the 29 overseas cases, eight were detected during airport screening procedures, and the remaining 21 were identified while they were in quarantine. Eight of them were South Korean nationals, and 21 were foreigners.

The number of patients undergoing treatment or in quarantine decreased by 505 to 14,917, while the number of patients in severe or critical condition decreased by five to 390. South Korea’s cumulative death toll increased by 25 to 1,165.

By Suh Hye-mi, staff reporter

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