Artist Mari Kim indicates her stance on controversy about 2NE1's 'Hate You' music video

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(Seoul =뉴스와이어) I have read an article that there is a huge controversy about 2NE1's "Hate You" music video that I directed. The cause of the controversy seems to be the interpretations of the video that the nuclear explosion scene in the introduction of the music video seems to demeaning to the nuclear explosion in Fukushima, and the villain that ...2NE1 fights against signifies Japanese people.

In the beginning of the music video, the nuclear plant explodes by the work of the villain. The main plot of the music video is that 2NE1 pursues the villain who has caused the explosion, and that villain turns out to be a hideous monster that threatens the humanity.

At the time of producing this music video, I was aware that 2NE1 will be making their advancement into the Japanese market. I thought that the nuclear explosion in Fukushima was a problem for the humanity rather than a problem limited only to Japan, and wanted to overcome this problem with the power of hope and love of the humanity. I expressed that hope of the humanity with 2NE1, and it was my wish to see the music video be delivered as a message of hope and love not only for the Japanese people but to all people.

I am sorry to say that there are some Japanese people who think that the music video is belittling and mocking the nuclear explosion in Fukushima. Nuclear explosion tragedy in Japan is an agony and homework not just limited to Japanese but all humanity that we should take responsibility and get through together.

I am a Korean artist who wants to save the humanity with love and beauty, and I love Japan and people of Japan. I sincerely hope that Japan gets through this suffering as soon as possible. In addition, I believe that this music video controversy could be a chance for 2NE1 to grow from a popular idol group and mature into a messenger of love and world peace to the humanity.

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